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Think a file is harmful? Or that a file or website was incorrectly detected or rated? Submit it for analysis.

File sample
  • Maximum file size allowed is 100MB. You can submit files over 100MB via FTP.
  • You can zip multiple files to submit them as one archive file.
URL sample

To submit multiple URLs or IP addresses, compile them in a text file and submit via File Sample

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By submitting F-Secure Corporation a link/URL or an electronic copy of the selected software/file possibly consisting of or including malicious/harmful code and/or having been detected as a possible security threat, you acknowledge that the file associated with the URL or the submitted sample may be protected by copyright laws and submission and copying such samples might infringe copyrights of third parties. You warrant that you have the necessary rights — under applicable copyright and other relevant laws — to submit such sample to F-Secure for security research purposes. In case the sample contains any personally identifiable information, F-Secure shall handle such information as confidential. More information on personal data collected in portal can be found in the F‑Secure privacy policy for services.