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F-Secure Router Checker is a free and instant DNS hijacking test. It checks if your router settings have been modified by criminals.

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You checked your router, now make sure all your devices are secure

Securing your router is a great start. Get the award-winning F‑Secure SAFE internet security to protect your computers and mobile devices as well. This is how SAFE protects you:


Real-time protection against viruses, trojans, ransomware, and spyware

Banking protection

Automatic security measures secure your online banking and payments

Browsing protection

Prevents you from accidentally connecting to harmful websites

F‑Secure Router Checker tests your router settings instantly

  • Free DNS hijacking test checks if your router settings are safe
  • Easy and safe to use, no need to download or install anything
  • Works instantly and with any other security software installed
  • Completely free and safe to run and use

Important information about Router Checker and Domain Name System (DNS)

What is DNS hijacking?

DNS (domain name system) is a system used to connect to web­sites. Criminals can change your DNS settings by hacking your router. This is called DNS hijacking. As a result, you will end up on malicious web pages used to steal your pass­words and money.

Why check your router with F‑Secure Router Checker?

F-Secure Router Checker is a free DNS hijacking test. If criminals hack your router, they can monitor, control, and redirect you to fake versions of web­sites and banks or see questionable adverts. This is called DNS hijacking.

Is F‑Secure Router Checker safe?

F-Secure Router Checker is safe, free, and fast to use. It doesn’t install anything on your computer. It’s made by F‑Secure, a Finnish company with over 30 years of cyber security experience.

How can I prevent DNS hijacking?

Change the default user­name and pass­word of your router and keep it up to date. Have effective cyber security programs like anti­virus and VPN on your device.

Protect yourself in real-time and try our virus protection for free

Router security is an essential part of online protection. The next step is securing your computer and mobile devices. The award-winning F‑Secure SAFE blocks malware and viruses and secures your online banking and shopping.

Try it for free for 30 days, with no credit card required.

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