F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce


Complements native security capabilities by scanning all files, URLs and emails for malware in Salesforce cloud environments.

The best of F-Secure technology combined into a multi-layered security platform for both detection and prevention

  • Real-time protection against viruses, trojans, ransomware and other advanced malware

  • Run scheduled scans on content already residing in Salesforce

  • Prevent attacks via files and URLs uploaded and downloaded from Salesforce

  • Malicious content is quarantined and subjected to threat analysis

  • Scans content on Salesforce that your traditional endpoint protection might not reach

  • Protect your platform in minutes without installing any third party applications

  • Created and designed in cooperation with Salesforce

Optimized for business efficiency

Full customization for security and compliance requirements

Easy-to-understand, automated analytics reports to improve your cloud security posture

User-friendly admin portal to manage your cloud security policies

Optimized for performance without affecting end-user experience

Get the most out of your investment in Salesforce and extend usage by adding content security

  • PROTECT YOUR SALESFORCE PLATFORM FROM MALWARE Protects your Salesforce environments from being used for delivering malware and malicious URLs
  • NATIVE INTEGRATION WITH SALESFORCE Cloud-to-cloud architecture developed in cooperation with Salesforce removing the need for middleware
  • NEXT-GENERATION SECURITY Unique multi-layered security, combined with machine learning and advanced analysis, protects you from targeted attacks
  • ADVANCED ANALYTICS Gain 360-degree visibility into your full Salesforce estate for fast incident response


Disrupting the kill chain with F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce

In this whitepaper you will learn the various types of advanced threat actors that could target your Salesforce Cloud environment, and the Kill Chain Model F-Secure uses to analyze threats.

Cloud Protection in 60 seconds

In just 60 seconds, you'll see just how simple it is to protect the content residing in your Salesforce platform from malicious code. The video shows how you can run scheduled scans on existing content, as well as detecting malicious code in real-time from files uploaded/downloaded from Salesforce. Once harmful content has been detected, the files are quarantined and admin can react quickly and identify potential future risks.

Customer Spotlight: Sirius XM
Streamlined and secure customer experience via Salesforce service cloud

Join us as we host Naman Shah, Senior Director of Product Management at Sirius XM, as he shares why F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce was the ideal security solution for their Salesforce Service Cloud, approved by all project stakeholders, and how F-Secure has proven to be an important business partner.

Use cases

Community Cloud

A short video to show how Cloud Protection for Salesforce works with Salesforce's Community Cloud

Service Cloud

A short video to show how Cloud Protection for Salesforce works with Salesforce's Service Cloud

Sales Cloud

A short video to show how Cloud Protection for Salesforce works with Salesforce's Sales Cloud

What does the shared responsibility model mean to your organization?

Cloud service providers, such as Salesforce, offers their customers a highly secure cloud infrastructure with a comprehensive set of security controls. Simply put, Salesforce is responsible for the security for the infrastructure and managing the security of the cloud.

Your responsibility as a customer is to ensure that everything that is in the cloud is secure and free from malware. This includes protecting any content residing on your platform, whether or not it was created by you or your customers/partners.

F-Secure’s commitment is to provide you with the capabilities you need to do your part in accordance with the shared responsibility model.


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